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About Revord


About Revord

REVORD brings to all, a platform where an individual with Diabetes (especially Type – 1) as well as all the Health Companions i.e. healthcare professionals, service providers and organisations (profit or non-profit) altogether, showcase their respective efforts towards “Revolutionising our Diabetes”.
It is a platform where patient empowerment (developing willingness amongst patients to discuss their health status; take responsibility for their health and well-being and show active participation in their health management) is encouraged and self-management support is provided in the most innovative ways like music, dance, sports, etc.
REVORD believes in encouraging the talent, physical activity and products that are either made by people with diabetes or have a potential to completely revolutionise the life of people with diabetes. Therefore, regular events, workshops and projects with a potential to up-bring such opportunities would be the mode of creating awareness and empowering the patients. This would nurture self-confidence, strength to fight challenges and develop the biggest community of people with type-1 diabetes (divided into sub-communities) to spread the message in the most inventive and structured way.
On the other side, Health companions get a single platform to reach the mass population and showcase their latest research, products, events and opportunities that are targeted towards effective Diabetes treatment or facilities.
So, if you or someone you know is diabetic or you have been serving people with diabetes or related condition (directly or indirectly), we welcome you to the stage and speak about yourself.

YOU are a Diamond!

And REVORD has the vision to create the most precious Necklace with such beautiful diamonds threaded together for Diabetes Management.

Let’s connect! Let’s REVORD!

“And suddenly you know- It’s time to start something new, & Trust the magic of beginnings”.
- Meister Eckhart

-- Mridula Kapil Bhargava

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