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Vibhu Bhatnagar

STATUS LINE : Be (Strong, Agile, Motivated , Active )

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Vibhu Bhatnagar

About me

Im a Moody but Helpful person having a condition known as diabetes, and for me its not a problem its a blessing from god to me because being in this condition, I cant abuse wrong things , I don't have a choice I have to workout so it makes me strong I have to be so correct and specific in my life thaI cat even go wrong with my food if I have i know what have I done with my self , I have to take care of my self and I cant quit so Im forced to be good and im getting better day by day and hope to be if not best but among the best, by profession im a IT consultant and IT Administrator, I love learning new things and I love people smiling and try to bring smile on people face if possible its my philosophy "if you can make someone smile just 1 person in a day the day is worth living " I happy to be a part of this group looking forward to do everything to make this initiative meaningful.

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