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About Revord founder


About Mridula Kapil Bhargava (Founder)

Mridula Kapil Bhargava


 My parents call me “Sher baccha” (meaning baby lioness) for the courage I displayed everytime they injected me with the Insulin shots when I was a kid. It was a rough time for the family when I was diagnosed with Diabetes at the age of four. But, my family took it with sporting spirit and they themselves started following a healthier lifestyle. And now, I feel proud to state that I am the shield for my family’s good health and perhaps that is the positive side of me being diabetic.

I did graduation in biotechnology (2007-2011) and post-graduation in Nanotechnology (2011-2013) from Amity University, only to understand the latest technological developments in diabetes treatment and cure. I understand my condition but whether it is the same with every individual with Diabetes, was my concern. I decided to talk to the community through social media platforms like WhatsApp groups as a source to understand their needs and problems and currently I am a member of three active groups where I share updates and promote diabetes awareness. I have managed more than 50 Diabetes screening camps till date and offered health talks at several corporates, schools and public platforms. In this endeavour to support the causes of patients with diabetes, I have also successfully completed a Post-graduation in Diabetes Education from Project HOPE in the year 2016-17.



1. Award by Ypsomed India for Poster Competition and World Diabetes Day 2016 event in the year – 2017.

2. Amongst top 50 innovators across the country in Intel-DST Digital India Challenge -2015 

3. Amongst top 50 candidates in Novartis Leadership Camp  

4. Cover girl of “THE WEEK” magazine (the largest circulated English news-magazine in India)

5. Interview on Television like NDTV Good Times  

6. Documentary made by Medtronic on my Life  


However, I soon realized that the problem of diabetes need not be addressed with new inventions alone. More than new technologies, what we need is to understand the drivers of patients’ quality of life, particularly in resource poor settings. This requires an all-round approach – from clinical care and psychosocial support to policy reforms.

Re-Visualizing OuR Diabetes 


1.      To create Diabetes Awareness amongst the society through latest technologies and out-of-the-box strategies. The biggest source of Mass Awareness is the Internet. To be more precise, social media is the most powerful and the simplest source of conducting the mass Awareness initiative.

WHY: Unfortunately, our Society doesn’t even understand the basic difference between type-1 and type-2 diabetes. On top of it, everyone has their own suggestions as well as treatments for treating diabetes.


REVORD is in the process of creating short and crisp videos to describe even the toughest topics in the simplest words.   

We are also looking to partner with the Radio Station to spread the message of a healthy lifestyle in routine. (“Leads are most welcome”)


2.      Conducting Workshops, competitions, events and health talks at Schools, Colleges and in Corporates. (“Leads are most welcome”)

We spend most of our time at our Workplace after our Home. Creating awareness at the workplace and how to keep ourselves fit, stress-free and healthy in that same atmosphere is need of the hour.

3.      Highlighting Social issues related to Type- 1 Diabetes through social experiments, videos, and mass communication.




1.      Look at human health from a global perspective while approaching disease conditions in a local context of available resources, socio-cultural and policy perspectives.

2.      Network with like-minded influencers as well as students who may be looking for a solution to the similar areas.

3.      Association with world class mentors who could be a great source of motivation for the initiative and overall support.

4.      To Build-up a healthy and well-informed society and Nation with respect to self-healthcare.



 P.S.  Diabetes becomes a DIS-EASE when we care about everything EXCEPT our Health.



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