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Yoga and Type 1 Diabetes

Anil Kumar Vedwal

Yoga  and Type 1 Diabetes

Anil Kumar Vedwal


Yoga and Type 1 Diabetes

Physical exercise only focuses to achieve the mind-set body, shape or strength, while Yoga focuses on the area of the problem in the body. Because during physical exercise your mind has to do more work to control outdoor situations like surrounding atmosphere, equipment and body equilibrium, but,  during yoga, you can keep close your eyes, so the brain can analyse the problem area in the body and can work to minimise the dysfunction and stop to progress the problem. Thus id you doing continue Yoga practices then it help to treat the problem and give you long-lasting healthy life.

Let’s check an example;-

Running is very good exercise, its help to increase the stamina, strength and lungs capacity, but check it with your diabetes, during running, your brain is using all safety measurement to save your body from outside dangerous, because brain is using its lots of energy to mapping the area of your surrounding environment and track, where you are running, so it can maintain the balance of your limbs and order the lungs to keep full fill the requirement of oxygen for your body cell. Thus, brain using all extra blood sugar without using the insulin and other side your body cellular system using all store sugar,

So from both way your blood sugar is going down, the Liver is organ which help to increase the sugar level when it require but for that time, it also need minimum energy to work with more efficiency, so in the case of low sugar liver doesn’t work well and you need to have snakes in the form of carbohydrate to full fill the requirement of sugar. After a few minutes you feel better, but after little long time you feel high sugar level, because’ now your liver has started to release more sugar in the blood.

But in Yoga exercise, you are using only yoga mat area (3’’/6’’ sq.ft), so there is no fear of any type of outside dangerous from any object that’s why your brain will not use extra sugar from your blood and you cellular system sugar will not burn sugar as it was burning in the running, and during yoga posture, hold the pose in stretching create the tens in muscles or body cell, which help to detox the impurities and create the mobility of reflex action effects and this effect help to utilise some level of sugar from the blood in the less amount of insulin, so it has been seen that the continuation of Yoga exercise help to reduce the unit of insulin, so it has been seen that the regular practices of Yoga exercise help to reduce the unit of insulin and give you long lasting healthy life.

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