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What is Diabetes?

Geetika kataria

What is Diabetes?

Geetika kataria


What is Diabetes?

We all must have heard about ‘Pancreas’ (a gland in our body). Its basic function is to secrete “hormone” called insulin. This hormone regulates the process of absorption of glucose from the intestines and to enter into the cells of the body.

Glucose will remain in the blood stream and would not enter the blood cells in the deficiency of this hormone (Insulin). Due to which blood sugar levels will remain high and it will further pass the sugar into the urine. The body will have no energy as cells do not get sugar. This will lead to weight loss and feeling of weakness. This is called the condition of Diabetes or popularly known in India as Sugar.

There are more than 25 types of diabetes depending upon the Insulin hormone status in the body, according to doctors and researchers are still in process.

But we should all be aware about the following commonly found types:

1. TYPE 1 It’s a condition when the pancreas generates no or very less insulin, so person need to take insulin from outside through injections. It is called ‘Insulin Dependent Diabetes’. It is usually seen in kids, they can lead healthy lives with regular insulin injections. The cause of type 1 diabetes is still not found, there can be any reason due to which a child develop this condition.

 If insulin is not being provided from outside, they can develop ketones in urine and can have various side effects which can even lead to death.

 2. TYPE 2 It’s a condition when there is a deficiency of insulin or body resist to normal insulin action. It is usually found in adults. This type of diabetes can be controlled through regular exercise, oral tablets and diet restrictions, if all this does not help then patient need to take insulin injections. The basic reasons for developing type 2 diabetes is heredity, obesity or inactivity.

A person with any kind of diabetes can lead a healthy life with some lifestyle changes.

We will discuss symptoms, problems and ways to control Diabetes in coming articles.

Feel free to ask any questions or if you want to add on some information.

Thank you!




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