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Brown Rice Kheer-Porridge

Shefali S.Singh

Brown Rice Kheer-Porridge

Shefali S.Singh


Brown Rice Kheer-Porridge

Brown rice kheer/porridge:-

Wash &soak 1 cup organic brown rice in water for 30mins.drain &roast in little cows ghee with little elaichi(cardamon) powder,jaiphal (nutmeg) powder &thinely sliced-
(overnight soaked)1 badam (almond),
1 kaju (cashew nut),2-3 whole kishmish (raisins),chironji seeds-1/2 tsp (buchanania lanzan),chopped- 1/2 akhrot (walnut)&1 anjeer (dried fig).add gud (jaggery) as per taste &add sufficient water &pressure cook on full flame till 1st whistle then lower flame to minimum &cook for 15mins more without counting further whistles.cool the pressure cooker for 15mins before opening it &add sufficient skimmed cows tetra pack milk,mix well &enjoy.
Its a good once a week meal in itself.can be had in place of breakfast,evening snack,lunch or dinner.

Benefits &side-effects:-

Brown rice-
avoid in upset stomach.
Chew well before swallowing.
Useful in patients of fluid retention,intestinal worms,jaundice,
vomitting blood,swelling,
inflammatory arthiritis,paralysis,haemorrhoids,psoriasis &skin ailments.
It is rich in selenium (protects from heart disease &many types of cancers)..
Manganese-80% per cup protects nervous &respiratory system keeping us healthy &fit.
It has natural oils that lower cholesterol.
It has high fiber,helps in digestion,keeps u full &makes u slimmer.

Rich in selenium,phosphorous,zinc,potassium,fiber,iron ,magnesium &glucose (gives instant energy)
It cures acid reflux,indigestion,acidosis,acne,cramps,dry skin,wrinkles,blood impurities,anal fistula,anemia &kidney pain.
Its a memory enhancer,alkaline,aphrodisiac,
digestive &liver tonic.It antioxidant,immunity booster &muscle relaxant.
Avoid in ulcerative colitis &diabetes.
Long-term use causes weight gain &intestinal worms.

Kishmish/raisins-avoid in diabetics.
it helps in weight gain

Anjeer/dried fig-
keep in fridge in airtight jar.do not stock.buy in small quantities &have fresh.It relieves throat pain,breathing difficulty &insomnia.Cures infertility,teeth &gum diseases.It anti-microbial.
It is high in potassium so helps to detox.Reduces uric acid by increasing its secretion.It prevents high BP &protects from colon &post-menopausal breast cancer.It is natural diuretic &cures water retention.It cures anemia,protects liver,boosts immunity &helps in preventing vision loss &macular degeneration.
It controls blood sugar,cholesterol &triglyceride levels &helps in weight-loss.It is a laxative so avoid in diarrhoea.It cures constipation,indigestion &stomach ache.3 pc of dried figs=5g fiber but have 1-2/day.Its good for muscle spasms,intestinal problems &Diabetes type 2.

Avoid if ur digestive system is weak.helps in weight-loss but excess increases weight,slows nervous system&can cause fatal breathing problems,disturb gastro-intestinal system &cause Vitamin E overdose.
It improves memory &concentration.reduces bad cholesterol &protects from high BP.prevents cancer,diabetes,inflammation &stomach disorders.

Cashew nuts/kaju-
Prevents gall-stones.have twice a week to loose weight.excess cause weight gain.avoid if u have migraines &headaches.

Cures bad-breath &improves digestion.
Relieves acidity.
Regularises heart rate.Fights anemia &is an antioxidant.

Chironji seeds/Buchanania Lanzan-
Aphrodisiac,anti-acne,cures asthma,safe in diabetes type 2,useful in wound healing,relieves itching,blemishes,pain &rash.
Controls diabetes &BP.
Relieves constipation.
Acts as diuretic &cures water-retention.
Good for respiratory &digestive system.
Avoid if ur digestion is bad.

Laxative so cures constipation.
Reduces risk of alzhemiers disease.
Makes hair stronger &prevents hairfall.
Good for skin.
Rich in omega-3 fatty acids &increases HDL-good cholesterol.
Anti-inflammatory so protects from
Asthma,Rheumatoid Arthiritis,psoriasis &eczema.
It reduces cholesterol &boosts immunity.
Prevents gall-stones.
Prevents erratic heart-beat.
Good brain food &reduces ADHD &Depression.
Avoid black walnuts as they have side-effects. excess of brown walnuts causes bloating &weight-gain

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17-08-04 08:24
Shefali S.Singh

Shefali S.Singh

Incase of diabetes avoid jaggery as it will also spike sugar levels like sucrose though its absorption is slower and it has high glycemic index.use stevia instead

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